Chair                 Morna Hinton
Vice Chair      Graham Petherick
Treasurer       Verity Threlfell
Secretary        Liam Henderson

Committee members

Peter Cowley
Kate Suiter
Clare Ruck
Delyth Thomas
John Buckle
Stephen Coates
John Schofield
Anne-marie Ainscough-Potts


Next AGM to be held Tuesday 23rd October, 7.30-8.30 pm in the Wheatsheaf Hall’s new meeting room.


  1. Election of committee officers
  2. Financial report
  3. New Covent Garden Market issues / development
  4. Lambeth College update
  5. Bike shelters
  6. The parklet
  7. Street planting
  8. Noise issues
  9. Minutes of the last meeting
  10. AOB


Crimsworth-Thorparch Resident's Association